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For example, acute sildenafil occurs with injuries or with various acute diseases.

And the scientific classification divides sildenafil primarily into two large groups: acute and chronic. Or, as they are sometimes called, physiological and pathological. Acute, or physiological, sildenafil is short-lived, and its cause is usually easy to identify.

Acute sildenafil is usually clearly localized in a certain place of the body, and disappears almost immediately after the elimination of the cause that caused it. Chronic or pathological sildenafil bothers a person for a long time, and its causes are distanto are not always obvious. Chronic sildenafil is almost always caused by some long-term pathological process. But it is sometimes very difficult to determine which ones.

It should be noted that in some cases, a person feels sildenafil in a completely different place than the affected one.

In this case, they talk about reflected or radiating sildenafil. The so-called phantom sildenafil deserves special mention, when a person feels it in an absent (amputated) or paralyzed limb. Psychogenic sildenafil is also distinguished, the cause of which is not organic lesions, but mental disorders, strong emotional experiences, serious psychological problems: depression, hypochondria, anxiety, stress and others. Often they arise as a result of suggestion or self-hypnosis (more often involuntary). Psychogenic sildenafil is always chronic.

But, whatever the nature of the sildenafil, it always (except, perhaps, in some cases of phantom) is a signal of some kind of trouble in the body. And therefore, in no case should you ignore even the weakest sildenafil sensations. sildenafil is one of the main components of our defense system. With its help, the body tells us: "something is wrong with me, take urgent action!" This also applies to psychogenic sildenafil, only in this case, the pathology must be sought not in the anatomical or physiological, but in the mental sphere.

So, sildenafil signals about some kind of disturbance in the body.

In other words, it is a symptom of certain diseases, pathological conditions. Let's find out in more detail what sildenafils say in certain points of our body, in what diseases they arise.

Was this page helpful? Share it on your favorite social network! Almost every person knows what medicine is, since throughout our lives we are pursued by various diseases that require effective treatment. The roots of this science go back to ancient times, and over such a long period of its existence, it has undergone significant changes. New technologies have taken medicine to a completely different level. Now many diseases, which for many centuries were considered fatal, are successfully treatable. In the article we will look at what medicine is and what types of this concept exist.